Marvelous Mounted Mirrors

Marvelous Mounted Mirrors

The options are limitless when it comes to mirror styles. They are a great accent to décor. What’s not great is cleaning them. Don’t worry. Let a professional service keep them sparkling for you.


Common Skyscraper Window Problems

Common Skyscraper Window Problems

Towering glass sky scrapers are an iconic symbol of modern cities.These buildings present a unique challenge in the window washing department!Bugs, debris and special equipment are all among the challenges in keeping high-rise windows clean.


Buildings that rise forty or more floors up actually inhabit a slightly different part of the atmosphere, and the insects at those heights are different also.Bugs cause a need for window washing at any level, but those found higher up can be particularly tricky to remove when they are crushed against a pane of glass.Special equipment and cleaning solutions are needed for thorough bug removal.


Those that wash high-rise windows for a living will tell you that there are all kinds of debris that adhere to the panes of glass.Workers report that anything from coffee to strawberry jam may be thrown from the higher stories, sticking to lower windows on the way down.Once dried on, these substances must be carefully removed in order to avoid damaging the glass.


Clearly, special equipment and safety gear is required for cleaning the glass of a skyscraper.Some buildings even necessitate large cranes or other engineered machinery to properly do the job. For more information on skyscraper window washing in Sorrento Valley, visit this website.

How A Professional Window Cleaning May Benefit Your Home

It’s no secret that sparkling windows make a home look great.A window washing company can help improve your home in a variety of ways and make you smile each time you drive up the driveway.Consider the following benefits of a professional window cleaning.


A Streak-Free Shine


Temperature, sunlight and cleaning products all affect the final result of your window cleaning.Experts have the right tools, cleaning solutions and ladders to properly scrub and polish even the highest windows on your home.It is difficult to attain a streak-free outcome, especially on second story windows without the right tools.




Clean windows make any house look its best, and may add value to your home. If you are having a home appraisal, or are selling your residence, having your windows professionally cleaned first can add to the curb appeal of your house, and may even net you a few thousand dollars extra.


Identify Damage


For homes with older windows, a professional window cleaning can double as an inspection. Window washers can check for painted sashes, clogged channels and other problems that cause windows to malfunction. They can also point out insect damage and remove etching and buildup that develops from years of incomplete cleanings. For more information on a window cleaning company in Sorrento Valley, check out this website.

3 Tips to Streak-Free Mirrors

3 Tips to Streak-Free Mirrors.jpg

It’s safe to say that most people like to look into a streak-free mirror. It is pretty easy to clean off bathroom water spots or hand prints, but steaks are a different story. Here are three tips to help you get a streak-free mirror every time:

1. Choose a Good Cleaner


Always select a cleaner that is designed especially for cleaning glass. Ammonia is an important ingredient because it evaporates, thereby helping to reduce streaks.

2. The Type of Cloth Matters


The cloth you choose should be able to absorb the excess cleaning solution and the grime and dirt without just smearing it around. A tight weave, microfiber cloth is recommended.

3. Wipe Carefully


The cleaning technique is probably the most important step to obtain a streak-free shine. Spritz the mirror with the cleaner. Spray enough so that the dirt and grime loosen, but not too much. The cloth needs to absorb all the moisture. Wipe the glass with the cloth, and then wipe a second time with the clean, unused side of the cloth. Wiping twice will pick up the residual moisture and dirt, and you’ll be left with a streak-free mirror.

For great-looking mirrors, be sure to follow these tips. For large glass washing in La Jolla, please visit the website.

3 Common Water Damage and Stain Problems

3 Common Water Damage and Stain Problems

Preventing water damage is a big challenge for any commercial or residential structure. Water damage and stains are not always apparent, as they hide behind finishes and can produce negative, long-term impacts on the building and the indoor air quality. Here are three common problems caused by water:

1. Water Seepage Through Walls


Hidden leaks and water stains can cause severe damage over time. Homeowners and commercial building owners should perform regular plumbing maintenance.

2. Leaky Doors and Windows


Doors and windows that leak can cause unsightly marks and stains. Window and door flashing should always be in good repair to prevent pesky water problems.

3. Roof Leaks


Catastrophic roof leaks can obviously cause extensive interior and exterior damage. This type of destructive water wreckage is usually rain related. Poor flashing, misplaced gutters and missing shingles are just a few of the issues that can cause serious problems.

The problems discussed here can be a pretty big deal, but the truth is, any type of water damage and stains are unsightly and frustrating. For hard water removal in San Diego area, please visit the website. Peace of mind comes from knowing that your home or office is in good repair and looks beautiful from the inside and the outside.

The Benefits of Professional Cleaning for Large Glass

The Benefits of Professional Cleaning for Large Glass

It can be tricky to get a streak-free finish for even the smallest windows.Weather, materials and location all present unique challenges in window cleaning.Large glass panes and structures with a substantial window surface area require expert techniques in order to produce desired results.



Expert window washers have practiced their craft and know all the tricks to polishing your glass quickly and efficiently.They use over sized squeegees and other giant tools to cover a large area with each pass.This helps avoid streaking and gets the job done in a reasonable amount of time.

Restoring Your View


Large windows or glass panes are often installed in homes or buildings that boast an impressive view.When the surface becomes dingy, dirty or spotted the view isn’t as inspiring or enjoyable.A professional cleaning several times a year keeps your windows crystal clear so you can enjoy the scenery.

Financial Sense


Most window washing companies offer free estimates, and you may be surprised at how affordable their service is.When compared to the cost of the time and equipment necessary to complete the task, it makes sense for many home and building owners to hire out this task. Visit this website for information regarding large glass washing in La Jolla.