3 Common Water Damage and Stain Problems

3 Common Water Damage and Stain Problems

Preventing water damage is a big challenge for any commercial or residential structure. Water damage and stains are not always apparent, as they hide behind finishes and can produce negative, long-term impacts on the building and the indoor air quality. Here are three common problems caused by water:

1. Water Seepage Through Walls


Hidden leaks and water stains can cause severe damage over time. Homeowners and commercial building owners should perform regular plumbing maintenance.

2. Leaky Doors and Windows


Doors and windows that leak can cause unsightly marks and stains. Window and door flashing should always be in good repair to prevent pesky water problems.

3. Roof Leaks


Catastrophic roof leaks can obviously cause extensive interior and exterior damage. This type of destructive water wreckage is usually rain related. Poor flashing, misplaced gutters and missing shingles are just a few of the issues that can cause serious problems.

The problems discussed here can be a pretty big deal, but the truth is, any type of water damage and stains are unsightly and frustrating. For hard water removal in San Diego area, please visit the website. Peace of mind comes from knowing that your home or office is in good repair and looks beautiful from the inside and the outside.


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