3 Tips to Streak-Free Mirrors

3 Tips to Streak-Free Mirrors.jpg

It’s safe to say that most people like to look into a streak-free mirror. It is pretty easy to clean off bathroom water spots or hand prints, but steaks are a different story. Here are three tips to help you get a streak-free mirror every time:

1. Choose a Good Cleaner


Always select a cleaner that is designed especially for cleaning glass. Ammonia is an important ingredient because it evaporates, thereby helping to reduce streaks.

2. The Type of Cloth Matters


The cloth you choose should be able to absorb the excess cleaning solution and the grime and dirt without just smearing it around. A tight weave, microfiber cloth is recommended.

3. Wipe Carefully


The cleaning technique is probably the most important step to obtain a streak-free shine. Spritz the mirror with the cleaner. Spray enough so that the dirt and grime loosen, but not too much. The cloth needs to absorb all the moisture. Wipe the glass with the cloth, and then wipe a second time with the clean, unused side of the cloth. Wiping twice will pick up the residual moisture and dirt, and you’ll be left with a streak-free mirror.

For great-looking mirrors, be sure to follow these tips. For large glass washing in La Jolla, please visit the website.


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