Common Skyscraper Window Problems

Common Skyscraper Window Problems

Towering glass sky scrapers are an iconic symbol of modern cities.These buildings present a unique challenge in the window washing department!Bugs, debris and special equipment are all among the challenges in keeping high-rise windows clean.


Buildings that rise forty or more floors up actually inhabit a slightly different part of the atmosphere, and the insects at those heights are different also.Bugs cause a need for window washing at any level, but those found higher up can be particularly tricky to remove when they are crushed against a pane of glass.Special equipment and cleaning solutions are needed for thorough bug removal.


Those that wash high-rise windows for a living will tell you that there are all kinds of debris that adhere to the panes of glass.Workers report that anything from coffee to strawberry jam may be thrown from the higher stories, sticking to lower windows on the way down.Once dried on, these substances must be carefully removed in order to avoid damaging the glass.


Clearly, special equipment and safety gear is required for cleaning the glass of a skyscraper.Some buildings even necessitate large cranes or other engineered machinery to properly do the job. For more information on skyscraper window washing in Sorrento Valley, visit this website.


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